Sorting out resistors

Here's a simple trick for storing resistors in sorted order. Get a plate of polystyrene/styrofoam and draw a 10x8 grid on it. The rows signify the exponent (101, 102, ...) and the columns signify the tens (10, 20, 30). Now, if you want to store a resistor at 68 kΩ, find the 103 row, the 60 column and place it in a group marked with 8 within that square.

It is also a good idea to color the fields, so you can directly place a resistor in the grid without knowing the color codes (rows are the third color, columns are the first color, and the placement inside the square is the second color).



I didn't take into account which resistors I actually had, so you can see a lot of blanks. I like the idea that I can see the 70 column (and hence its color) even though it is not used, but it could have been a smaller column. Ideally, the column size should be on a logarithmic scale: start out big and decrease in size.